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CEE Creative Zimbabwe - Web Design Harare Company
53 Fife Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe   View map
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Establishment year 2018
Employees 6-10
Company manager Andrew Mutenga


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53 Fife Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe
Web Designers in Zimbabwe

CEE Creative Zimbabwe webdesign in Harare is the best website design company in Zimbabwe, with professional web designers and web development developers in Zimbabwe. We do not just design beautiful websites, we optimize your website design to rank high on search engines.

CEE Creative Zimbabwe Web Design Company in Harare is the best online property builder in Zimbabwe. We create the best websites that rank higher on search engines through the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques and following website and web development standards
CEE Creative is located at:

CEE Creative Zimbabwe Web Design Harare. Visit our office at: 53 Fife Avenue, Harare Zimbabwe. Visit our website at: www.cee.co.zw
web design. Continue to read web design that makes a great website in Harare, Zimbabwe

Web Design That Makes A Great Website in Harare, Zimbabwe
Following web design and web development standards and best practices is a key step in ensuring a great web design project.

Website Speed
Fast loading websites usually rank higher on search engine results than slower websites because of dwell time. Google states that, on a good internet connection, on average websites take 15 seconds, and half of the people will leave a page if it takes greater than 3 seconds to load. So optimizing web pages for fast loading is very important especially landing pages. The following makes a fast loading page:

Web optimized images such as vectors
simple and minified javascript and CSS files served by fast Content Delivery Networks
a good web server
Web Live Chat and Instant Messaging
Live chat enables a business to serve customer instantly when they visit their website. It is also cheaper than a phone when providing support or running a call center.

Web Content and SEO
Blogs should have high-quality web content that people love to read. Search engines try to serve the best web content that users find useful. Most webmasters and websites struggle to get the right high-quality web content and targeted traffic to their websites. The best solution to this problem is to let someone who is an expert in a particular field to write articles for a blog. When writing articles do not copy web content from other websites because search engines penalize plagiarism. A website with good web content is naturally optimized for SEO.

High-quality web content is a game-changer. It effortlessly does so many things if you get it right. Search engines find your content and rank you accordingly, which leads to people visiting your site. It builds trust with those people. It stamps your authority in your field.

What is SEO in Zimbabwe
In Web design, SEO is a process of designing and tuning a website to appear on top of search engine results when a search engine user searches for a particular topic.

Web Design in Zimbabwe
Web design in Zimbabwe is at a stage where all businesses are expected to be on the Internet. Zimbabweans love to ask Google for solutions and looking for businesses to deal with. Websites that appear on the first page of web results reap most of the benefits of online businesses.

Brand Making Through Web Design
Creating a brand name in a crowded space is an increasingly difficult task because you need to create a strategy that can cut through the noise. While paying for ads is making it easier to target potential customers, it is still very expensive and it cannot increase users dwell time on your website. Producing unique, human-centered content that makes a brand stand out remains a challenge for most companies in Zimbabwe. At CEE Creative Zimbabwe Web Design we handle the technical stuff so that you can focus on the fun side of life.

Web Design Appearance
There was a time when 3D designs ruled the world of web design. This was driven by skeuomorphism, a process that tries to make digital features resemble real-life objects. For example, web buttons can have shadows to make them resemble real buttons. However, we are going back to the good old 2D designs. 2D designs are great for fast loading websites and conveying a message quickly. Simple web design is also good for users because it is easy to understand.

Why You Need A Website In Zimbabwe
About 80% of Zimbabwean customers look up online before buying? About 50% of companies in Harare have a website. The other 50% of businesses without a website, are missing out on 50% more income. CEE Creative websites are affordable, from only $100 you can get online.

Why You May Need Multiple Websites
Some companies are involved in different lines of business, it is difficult for such companies to optimize their website for everything they do. Especially start-ups have a lot of ideas in mind. Building multiple websites for each business line or idea helps to optimize SEO for each website property.

How does Web Design Impact The Image of Your Company
A good website is one that is user-friendly and built on good web design standards. In this ever-changing digital world, it is necessary to keep up with current design trends and have an up-to-date website. That is why a well-designed website is important for your company.

Website Fonts | Web Fonts | Typography
Good web designers write web pages that are fast loading on all web browsers. At CEE Creative Zimbabwe Web Design we take web fonts very seriously. There is a limited number of web fonts that come natively supported by the web browsers.

Web designers are constantly pushing the limits of web typography with web fonts in order to come up with unique and good looking website designs the world has ever seen.

Web fonts are one of the key building blocks of a website that adds to its uniqueness and readability. They speak what kind of a site it is. However, when it comes to custom fonts there are always tradeoffs in website performance.

Web fonts can either be hosted on a local server or CDNs. Some fonts are take up more disk space than others and also some CDNs are faster than others, all this affect a website performance. However, hosting a font on CDNs has proved to be advantageous because the fonts can be cached by web browser if it happens that a user has used the font before while visiting another website.

Web Images and Websites pictures
Why do images affect website performance?. Web images affect a website's performance the same way web fonts do but on a much greater scale. the biggest drawback is that your unique pictures cannot be hosted on a CDN like web fonts simply because your business is unique. Vector images use 5% of disk space with 50% more sharpness than JPG and PNG formats. Images must be compressed to reduce file size on disk

Web Design Tips for Websites
What is a blog? It is a space to write articles on a website for a company or a freelancer. It brings more clients and it can be a great marketing tool to vouch for new customers and directing them with links to web pages you want them to see.

In order to have an effective website, it must represent the real you. Web design must be focused on your company and what makes it unique. It is wrong to use a WordPress template for your website because the template was not made for you. Take your process of creating and designing your website very seriously, the same way you build your real business.

Social Networks are equally important to your website because they represent you and bring web traffic to your website. Not everyone who visits your website is a customer, always work to improve your conversion rate by giving discounts and checking your competitors.

A contact page is another great tool on your website? A contact form sends an inquiry straight to your e-mail.

Who is CEE Creative Zimbabwe Web Design Harare?
CEE Creative Zimbabwe Web Design Harare is a website design company that builds and creates SEO websites from scratch. We do Digital Marketing & Website Designing, Company Branding, Web Business Strategy, Web Design, and development, Mobile App Design and development, Website Development, SEO, Search Engine Marketing through ads, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Content Marketing, Online Advertising, Mobile App Design & Development, Viral Marketing, CMS

Our Web Design Harare team has produced many high-quality designs this year, click here to view our portfolio.

People Who Make Websites in Harare, Zimbabwe
CEE Creative Zimbabwe Web Design Harare are the best people who create websites, they have done dozens of high-quality web design projects in their portfolio. They create SEO optimized websites in Zimbabwe that appear on top of the first page of search engine results.

Contact Andrew Mutenga, Web Developer at CEE Creative Zimbabwe Web Design Harare, on mobile phone: +263773625635 email address: andrew@cee.co.zw office address:

53 Fife Ave, Harare
Based in the capital city of Zimbabwe, Harare, CEE Creative Zimbabwe Web Design Harare is a web design company that specializes in everything that includes graphics and web design, we do large scale web development projects. We make custom made solutions that are responsive and functional on all web-enabled devices.
Webdesign | Web Design | Website Design
We do extensive research about your business and work together with you through asking questions and getting into the core of your brand, establish what makes your brand unique into the web design.

Graphics and Logo design
CEE Creative Zimbabwe Web Design Harare is very good in extensive graphics and web design services. We make the current non-skeuomorphic corporate logos that uniquely identify your organization, including full website design. We use best in illustration and photography software, and keep up to date with industry trends so that your design goes with the times. Overall, we believe in simple, uncluttered designs always win the race, all the time.

Online Shopping E-commerce Websites
We build scalable online shops that are user-friendly and easy-to-manage. E-commerce websites to give your brand the best online presence possible. Customers make purchases without visiting your business in person. We create custom made solutions and using the best frameworks that build valuable trust online, we change all complex work processes to lower your project costs. The systems self-manage stock and inventory, and are easy to integrate with existing manual systems, as well as local and international payment gateways an systems. Everything is fully automated.

Every business is different, we personalize attention and individualize e-marketing solution for you to specifically achieve your goals. Our service model ensures the best e-marketing solutions and services for intuitive ROI.

Web Design UX (User Experience)
With UX design we focus on how a website works and how people, website visitors, interact with it. When you design a website you do not want people to get lost navigating between web pages. Website visitors should find what they are looking for, instantly. It is good practice to place the most important information on top on a web page. Studies show that 80% of people searching on Google do not scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Web Design UI (User Interface)
UI design is a very important part of your brand’s website. It influences UX (User Experience), at CEE Creative we value that you are unique so we try to find a sweet spot between what people are used to and your brand. We look into your target market and determine the best design approach. For example, if your customers are older than 50 years of age they prefer larger text and fewer animations. We design websites for customers and visitors.

Affordable Website Prices in Harare, Zimbabwe:
CEE Creative Zimbabwe Web Design is the

cheapest web developer in Harare, Zimbabwe.
They charge you less than half of the money other

Expensive Web Developers in Zimbabwe
are charging to make a website with high quality.

$100 Website
CEE Creative Zimbabwe Web Design creates websites from $100 only. Here are the premium website features you get from $100:

Free domain
Free Hosting
Unlimited Email accounts
Free SEO
Free SSL Certificate
Web Design With WordPress Development
WordPress is a good tool now being abused by lazy web designers in Zimbabwe. Do not get us wrong, WordPress is running on some good websites in Zimbabwe, mostly newspaper companies that do not need too much SEO because we love them so much. However, you are probably not in the newspaper business and not popular either. Your company needs a fully SEO compliant website to make you stand out from the crowd, no WordPress theme or template used by a thousand websites can make your business stand out online. We believe you deserve to be you by not using templates. Search engines do not index plugins that make WordPress websites beautiful, plugins can affect your website's SEO and performance. Web surfers hate websites that take too long to load. Websites that take more than 3 seconds to load lose visitors because people have no patience.

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Andrew Mutenga
Types of Websites CEE Creative Designs in Zimbabwe
Company Websites
Wedding Websites
CV / Resume Websites
Social Networks Websites
Listing Websites
News Websites
Portal Websites
E-commerce websites
Database Websites
and many more.
Best Web Designers Harare, Zimbabwe
We build custom designs. Uniqueness is key in web presence.
We create a website around the subject’s content, not the other way around.
Reliable Web Hosting servers in Harare Zimbabwe
Website Development in Harare Zimbabwe
Computer Graphic designer in Harare Zimbabwe
Non-skeuomorphic Logo design in Harare Zimbabwe
Custom CMS Web development
How to build a website in Zimbabwe
Search Engine Optimization SEO in Zimbabwe
CEE Creative is an online company creating custom website designs and development services not only in Harare but Bulawayo, Gweru, Masvingo, Mutare and the rest in Zimbabwe. We are the most sought web development company with highly skilled and experienced web designers and developers working at the highest standard.
We work together with you in order to know your exact requirements. After knowing all the requirements we move on to design your website and develop all the web technical features which we deliver on-time all the time.
Get in touch with CEE Creative, and get a great website at an unbeatable price. For inquiries call on: +263773625635 or email at: hello@cee.co.zw.

We develop a professional website for your business, wherever you are in the world including Space. We have developed websites for customers in Nigeria, Seychelles, Congo, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Australia, USA, South Africa, United Kingdom, Johannesburg, and many other places.

How To Design A Website in Harare ZIMBABWE
This is a how-to guide on how one can design, create or develop a website and get it up and running

The estimated cost is USD$100

The following tools are required:

A computer with Internet access
Cash or credit/debit card for payments
The following supplies are required:

A Domain
A Web Designer
A Web Host
Step 1: Buy a Domain
Buy a domain from a domain registrar. A domain is an address for your website eg www.cee.co.zw.

At CEE Creative domains are free if we design your website

Step 2: Hire a Web Designer
Find a web designer to write your website using HTML technologies. A web designer designs a website for you eg CEE Creative Zimbabwe Web Design.

Step 3: Buy a web host server
Buy a web host server from web hosting providers. A web host server is a computer with an Internet connection where your written website is installed

At CEE Creative a web host server is free if we design your website

Step 4: Configure the Domain
Point your domain to your web host server using nameservers.

Step 5: Configure the Web Host Server
Upload your website, HTML files, to the web host server

Step 6: You are all set
Allow up to 24hrs for your website to propagate on DNS servers around the world.

Website Web Design in Bulawayo
Create a website with $100 Web Designers people in Bulawayo, CEE Creative is the best website development company in Bulawayo, with best web design designers and web development developers in Zimbabwe. We facilitate Web Domain Registrations, Web Hosting and optimize website SEO to rank higher on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Website Web Design in Mutare
Make a website with $100 Web Designers people in Mutare, CEE Creative is a top-rated website development company in Mutare, with best web design designers and web development developers in Zimbabwe. Register Web Domains and Web Hosting with us. We optimize website SEO to rank higher on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Website Web Design in Gweru
Design a website with $100 Web Designers people in Gweru, CEE Creative is a highly rated website development company in Gweru, with best web design designers and web development developers in Zimbabwe. We register Web Domains, Web Hosting and optimize website SEO for your website to rank higher on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Website Web Design in Victoria Falls
Develop a website with $100 Web Designers people in Victoria Falls, CEE Creative is a highly rated website development company in Victoria Falls, with best web design designers and web development developers in Zimbabwe. We do Web Domain Registrations and Web Hosting in Victoria Falls. We are the best website SEO company that makes your website rank higher on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We design Lodges websites, Hotels websites, Guest Houses websites, Travel Agencies websites, etc.

Website Web Design in Masvingo
Create a website with $100 Web Designers people in Masvingo, CEE Creative is a highly rated website development company in Masvingo, with best webdesign designers and web development developers in Zimbabwe. We do Web Domain Registrations, Web Hosting and optimize website SEO to rank higher on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Website Web Design in Chitungwiza
Create a website with $100 Web Designers people in Chitungwiza, CEE Creative is a highly rated website development company in Chitungwiza, with best webdesign designers and web development developers in Harare. We do Web Domain Registrations, Web Hosting and optimize website SEO to rank higher on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Websites in Zimbabwe
How much is a website?
Websites start from $100 up to $10 000, it all depends on the features you need and the time taken to design and develop your website. Static websites are the most basic websites that contain fixed content and are relatively easy to design and develop, therefore they are the cheapest. Dynamic websites are advanced websites that work with databases to store their ever-changing data. They are written with server scripting languages such as PHP, which gives them the power to do more.
Visit our websites for more information

How long does it take to design or develop a website?
Depending on the complexity of the website, it is anything between 1 week up to 12 weeks.
What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing a website ranking on search engines by increasing the quality of the website's content. SEO specialists also place a website's content on other websites to get references.
Do you design and develop WordPress websites?
No! we do not use WordPress templates, we create all websites in-house. We believe that each and every website should be unique because we are all different people. We are not saying WordPress is a bad tool but we are just not that lazy.
WordPress is used on approximately 80,000,000 websites worldwide. This makes a platform hackers love to attack because many websites can be affected in one go.

What is an SSL certificate or a secure website?
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, SSL Certificates are data files used to digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization's online property details. When installed on a website, it activates the green padlock on a web browser to show that your connection is secure and you are using the https protocol
Development of Database in Zimbabwe
We Design, Integrate and Migrate Databases including Data Warehousing and Database Administration Services for web-based applications.

By exploiting the power of Database data structuring and processing, CEE Creative Web Design is the best in client-server and web-based applications development, giving our customers efficient and scalable solutions meeting contemporary business needs. We have extensive experience with MySQL

Database Development Steps or Services:
1. Requirements Analysis
We determine the purpose of your database through gathering the requirements and defining the objective of your database. This is the first step for database development.
2. Gather Information
We find the information required, this includes all of the types of information we might want to record in the database. For example, product name and order number.
3. Organize Tables
We organize the information required into tables.For example, we divide your information items into major entities or subjects, product name to Products or order number to Orders. Each entity then becomes a table.
4. Turn Minor Information Items Into Columns
We decide what important information you want to store in each table. Each item becomes a field and is displayed as a column in the table. For example, a Product table might include fields such as Product Name and Product Description.
5. Identify primary keys
Each table needs a primary key column that is used to uniquely identify each row. For example, Product ID or Order ID can uniquely identify a product and an order.
6. Set up relationships among Tables
We look at each table and make relationships on how the data in one table is connected to the data in other tables. Fields are added to tables or new tables are created to show the relationships where necessary. The types of relationship include:
7. Refine and Normalize the Design
We analyze the weaknesses of the design. Tables are created, including a few records of sample data, to See if we can get the results we want from our tables. Lastly, we apply data normalization rules such as first Normal Form (1NF) and Third Normal Form (3NF) to see if the tables are structured correctly. We make adjustments to the database design, as needed
CEE Creative Zimbabwe Web Design Harare creates the best database applications that improve your business performance and brings value through profitability

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+263773625635 hello@cee.co.zw 53 Fife Ave, Harare

Harare $100 web design in Zimbabwe features a free web domain, free web hosting, 50 email accounts, 3 page website design and 50% search engine optimization
we develop responsive websites that work on all web browsers
we develop mobile apps for iOS, Android and windows platforms
content marketing
search engine optimization
Affordable Web design
A website is a must have for everyone, be it a resume, company, portfolio or online store.

Fluid Web Design
One website design that works on all web device. Web development and web design best practices improve SEO.

Mobile Apps Design
Exploiting full power of mobile devices - mobile apps and fluid websites offer advanced functionality on the go.

Web Content Maketing
We custome-make your web content to promote your brand, improve web design SEO, and engage customers.

Search Engine Optimization
We tune your website design for high visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results.

Recent Web Design Work
Web Design for Unique Consultancy
Web Design for Zimbabwe Institute of Legal Studies
Mobile App Design for ZIMDEVS Messenger
Zimbabwe Law Reports
Web Design for Fresh Touch Investments
$100 Web Development in Zimbabwe
Harare Website development in Zimbabwe is also known as
Website Designers Zimbabwe | Website Hosting Zimbabwe | Website Domains for sale| Website Development Companies Harare | Graphics designers in Harare | Logo Designers Harare | CMS Website developers | How to develop websites | Search Engine Optimization Specialists | Top SEO company Zimbabwe | Harare Web Design | Professional Website Developers in Harare | Responsive Web design in Zimbabwe | Web Development in Harare
We are offering you web developers least expensive way to get online on the world wide web. CEE Creative's $100 web design package gives you six premium features for FREE! that other web developers charge a fortune for. With only $100 in Zimbabwe, you get a website designed to claim your spot on the Internet and bring more value to you as a person or a business. Our main goal at CEE Creative is to put everyone and every business online on the web using the least possible investment on web design. The Internet is the future, Great Web design in Zimbabwe brings the future today.

Six premium features you get for FREE! from $100 web design:
Website Domain
Website Domain
A Website Domain or web domain is the address for your website, your digital fixed assests. Choosing the right address is the first most important decision to make before getting your designed website online. A domain name should not be too long to confuse customers trying to visit your website, but should be as short as possible while representing your business. Special characters such as "-" should be avoided. cee.co.zw is a better pick than ceecreativezimbabwe.co.zw

Website Hosting
Website Hosting
Website Hosting or a webhost is a server class computer designed to host all web design aspects of your website and serve web pages to your website visitors. A webhost stays on 24/7 while connected to multiple high speed Internet connections to ensure your website is always accessible. A webhost is also responsible for hosting you email accounts as well as databases that store your data securely and efficiently.

SSL Certificate HTTPS
SSL Certificate HTTPS
An SSL Certificate also known by web users as HTTPS is responsible for making sure that connections between your website and its visitors is always secure and private. Third parties can not intercept messeges sent between your website and its visitors. The main advantages of using an SSL certificate are that your customers trust visiting your website and search engines rank your website higher because it is safe for their users. Therefore an SSL certificate is good for your SEO web design.

50 email accounts
50 email accounts
We allow up to 50 personalised email accounts accessible through your favourite email clients such as Gmail, AOL or Outlook. Personised email accounts help your business look more professional on the Internet and using email clients such as Gmail protects you from spam and malware

Three Page Web Design
Three Page Web Design
A Three Page Web Design features a static responsive web design that covers all the necessary basics to get your business online. On the home page you can briefly introduce your business, and products or sevices you deliver. On the second page you can tell your customer more about your business and the last page you can show them how they can contact you or get to you.

SEO 50% Tune
SEO 50% Tune
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the last step after web design. We tune your website to make it appear on top of search engine results resulting in increase traffic to your website. A 50% SEO tune up covers the important basics to make your website relevant to search engines.

Zimbabwe Web Designers in Harare
CEE Creative Zimbabwe is a highly rated Harare website design company in Zimbabwe, with best webdesign designers and web development developers in Zimbabwe. We do not just design websites, we optimise your website design to be more relevent to your potential customers searching on the Internet.

We make sure your developed website appear on top of organic results on Google, Bing and yahoo by doing the following:

1. Search Engine Optimization
The sophisticated science of driving web traffic to your website through web development industry's best practices and analysis.

2. Content Marketing
We place your website content elsewhere on the Internet to lure more customers and drive web traffic back to your website.

We invest in long-term relationships with our web design clients, your success is our web development success. Here to mention some of our websites clients we are very proud of:

Fresh Touch Investments
Web Design for Zimbabwe Institute of Legal studies
Unique Consultancy
Web Design for Liquid Telecommunication
Web Design for Probands
Web Design for ZOL Zimbabwe
Web Design for Bakers INN
We develop and build search engine optimized web designs, we develop mobile apps for iOS, and Android, and we create custom and eCommerce solutions for your business. We are passionate about the Internet, social media, and mobile development, and our work gives you an extra advantage against you competition. Is your brand visible enough?
We want to bring your brand alive online, so come in and have a chat

Website Web Design Harare, Zimbabwe

How to design websites in Harare, Zimbabwe
What you need to design a website:

A Domain - an address for your website eg www.cee.co.zw
A web designer - a person who designs a webiste eg CEE Creative Zimbabwe
Web host - a server where your completed websites is installed
How to design a website in Harare, Zimbabwe
At CEE Creative Zimbabwe we provide all the above services under one roof at affordable prices.

Harare Web Design in Zimbabwe
CEE Creative is the leading Harare Web Design Company in Zimbabwe creating high quality websites, template free.

A website built on good web design drive deeper user engagement, leads, and sales for your business.

There is more to websites than pretty web pages. We design websites that rank higher on the web to create sale opportunities. Our web designs work well across all platforms and devices.

Responsive Web Design

We follow an eight step webdesign process for creating high quality websites at lower prices. It is very important that you understand that our process intimately involves you, all the way, before we work together on your website project. The following points provide a summarised guide on our eight step process web development process.

Webdesign Project Analysis
1. Webdesign Project Analysis
This is an information gathering phase. We talk about your business or you, what you do and what youb want to achieve. These questions help us understand the purpose of your website, what you want to achieve from it, who is your target audience and what what your target audience want from your website.

Webdesign Project Planning
2. Webdesign Project Planning
After analysing the information we gathered from the previous step we can then plan on how best we can design your website. We look at our webdesign packages and applicable technologies that can suite your site judging from the key topics, number of pages needed, wheather your are providing services or selling products.

Webdesign Project Design
3. Webdesign Project Design
After determining whether you need a $100 webdesign package or $1000 webdesign package, we make a number of one of a kind design prototypes through sketches to get visual looks of your website before we get committed of a particular design philosophy. After exchanging valuable ideas we agree on a certain path to the next stage.

Webdesign Project Content
4. Webdesign Project Content
We write up the content that must be included on the website, and choose images and videos that are needed to complement the text. After choosig the right content we optimize it for use on the web by choosing the right formats, compressing and editing to get the right contrastinng colours. This is very important for Search Engine Optimization.

Webdesign Project Development
5. Webdesign Project Development
At this stage we begin the fun staff building the actual code for your website. We write the HTML files, apply CSS styles, write the javascripts for the client side and PHP for the server side. We try as much as we can to write minimum code as possible while being innovative at the same time so that your website does not use too much computer resources.

Webdesign Project Testing
6. Webdesign Project Testing
The website is tested to check if is working as it was designed to. Different devices and web browser clients are used to check for consistency and responsiveness. Patches are applied to ensure there are no surprise bugs, test users are tasked to do extensive testing to simulate real users of the website. Feedback from test users is critical to solve problems

Webdesign Project Publishing
7. Webdesign Project Publishing
After the web developers are satisfied that the website is bullet proof from bugs, it is migrated from the developmet platform to its final hosting computer online. Finally web server configurations are applied together with a SSL certificate. Minor tests are carried out to check if the configurations have been applied correctly

Webdesign Project Support
8. Webdesign Project Support
The last stage is a never ending stage that lasts the lifetime of the website. The website is periodically checked to see if it is working properly. Backups and updates to the site are applied as needed.
Working hours
Monday:8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday:8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday:8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday:8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday:8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday:8:00 am - 2:00 pm
Products & Services
Website (Static)$100 Web Development in Zimbabwe We are offering you web developers least expensive way to get online on the world wide web. CEE Creative's $100 web design package gives you six premium features fo...

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