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Steelpulse Advisory Services
50151 Mpopoma North, Bulawayo
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Temporary / Contract
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Full Time
8 Mar, 2019
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Business Partners Wanted

Job Presentation
If you are an entrepreneur, professional or SME, and seeking a platform to leverage other people’s assets, we have an income/profit-sharing deal for YOU. Whether you’re locally or foreign-based! Whenever you are ready…

We’re a small, specialist advisory firm based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Our service portfolio comprises Advisory, Tax, Business Coaching & Training, Accounting & System Administration, and Company Secretarial services.

Led by its approachable founder, Ishmael Hove! 2001 CIS 3rd Best Finalist Award winner! Has vast professional experience! And, has worked in the private sector (Manufacturing - Leather, Clothing & Textile), public sector and academia! He is the former Accountant at Hwange Colliery Company. And, a former Part-time Tutor at Zimbabwe Open University, Bulawayo for 5 years!

Do you challenge yourself to view, think, and attack your challenges or opportunities in a creative approach?

If so, we would like to hear from you to explore your situation in detail.


We’re interested in developing profitable strategic alliances with entrepreneurs, professionals and SMEs, who have potential that they’ve never mined. We only forge strategic alliance with those passionate about our purpose, cause, beliefs and values. Have the attitude that fits our culture. Wisdom lies in the minds of others. Stand on the shoulders of giants, in this AGE OF MINDS!

An army of ants can move a bone. Hence, we’re seeking partners in the following fields,

Communication & Business Networking,
Skills Development & Business Coaching, Marketing & Sales,
Data Science,
Tax & Statutory Compliance,
And, Company Secretarial matters.

If we provoked your interest, we would like to hear from you.
  • Strong business acumen
  • Open-minded approach
  • Critical thinking approach
  • Self-motivated
  • Excellent probing skills
  • High levels of integrity
  • Team player
  • Identifying and mining hidden assets in your business, industry and business relationships.
  • Identifying and exploiting business cycles and trends.
  • Sharing market and business intelligence, knowledge and expertise beyond company borders.
  • Access to unlimited joint marketing, joint selling, distribution opportunities, and technology assets,
  • Expand your product and service offerings,
  • Upgrade your research and development capabilities,
  • Overhead reduction through shared costs and outsourcing non-core competencies
Performance-based income/profit-sharing deal

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