Document & Certified Translations

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Lingua Inc is a team of Translation & Interpretation Professionals, we are an excellent translation service provider. We connect people, brands, corporations with customers where language might be a barrier to them, but to us, it is what we do. We translate Corporate Documents, Technical Manuals, Legal Contracts, Agreements, Financial Documents, Medical Documents, Brochures, Marketing Materials, etc. Plus, we’re nice

Lingua Inc translates and certifies documents that have to be presented to official authorities or court for legal purposes. Documents translated by Lingua Inc are legalized and notarized. We follow certification standards for legal certified translation and guarantee the utmost accuracy. In addition, Lingua Inc uses a number of techniques to diminish the possibility of fraud. Any government or academic organization within Zimbabwe and overseas will accept our legal certified translations as valid. Our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by Government Departments, Embassies, Universities, Schools and Courts

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