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My name is Edward from South Africa.

The service I had received from Alliance Insurance is extremely shocking. My claim is 6 months old, from last year October till today. I had sent them all document they requested from me, but with no luck I still haven't been paid.

From last year we communicate only via email and they will respond to you after 2 weeks with no conclusion.

On January this year the consultant who held my claim, her spouse past away and my claim had to be on hold up until she return to work, whilst I was waiting for my claim to be finalized. Everything I email them they never turn back to me in time. It's very disappointing for such a big company to treat clients this way.

This month that's when I decided to buy airtime and call their office for clarity, but when I call they always tell me that the consultant who has my claim (Ruvimbo) is off her desk or tell me she is busy on another line. Again when I call and ask the claim manager (Samantha) she tells me that my claim will be finalized, off which I'm still waiting for their response.

I left message and gave them my no to call me back but they never did call me back. Their customer service is not very good at all. I'm not happy nor satisfied with their.

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